Closing days 2021

Events : 2 April, Good Friday 5 April, Easter Monday 1st May, Labour Day 13, 14 May, Ascension Day 24 May, Whit Monday 3, 4 June, Corpus Christi 23 June, Commémoration du Plébiscite Jurassien 1st November, All saints day Summer holidays from July 19 to August 6 2021....

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Joray & Wyss has 75 years’ experience in producing high-end cogs for the watchmaking industry and employs some 60 staff. Our company continues to use the traditional techniques handed down over the centuries, while we maintain the strictest control over our processes thanks to the company’s modern, fully computerised structure. At Joray & Wyss, we are always open to new technologies and welcome innovation from our customers.

Our management team takes a long-term approach and is committed to pursuing this development strategy, working closely with all our customers, suppliers and staff. Our responsible ethos, combined with our team spirit, contributes to this objective in the context of sustainable development.